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A late but welcome addition to the ELR events list was this 'West Country Weekend' which took place from the 23rd to the 26th of August 2019, and featured home loco unrebuilt spamcan 'City of Wells' 34092, and visiting rebuilt West Country Class 'Braunton' 34046. I had seen Braunton before several years back when it had a few tests runs after having had some work done at Ian Riley's workshop, but it wasn't lined out at that time and didn't have its nameplates on. I attended on Day One, which was a bit too warm and sunny for my tastes, and of course made photographing a north facing loco a bit more challenging, but hopefully things will be a bit better for my planned visits on Days Three and Four. Really nice to see these two lovely locos running, and both were accompanied by Class 50 50015 'Valiant' on the diesel diagram.
I was back again for Day Three on Sunday 25th of August and yet again it was sweltering and sunny, and not to my taste, as I'm about as big a fan of sunshine as Count Dracula. Not only that but with north facing locos it's hard work trying to get shots of them arriving, though I did manage a few platform shots this time.
Back again for Day Four on Monday 26th of August and this time the day started off a bit overcast and would have been perfect for getting an arrival shot of Braunton at 12.35pm, but alas the fates would not play ball, and poor old Braunton had suffered a brake failure on its earlier run and had to be replaced by a diesel, Class 14 Teddy Bear 'Ernest' D9531 in this case. It wasn't the end of the world for me as I'd already photographed the visitor on the previous days but I did feel a bit sorry for some of the people who had travelled miles just to see it and ride behind it but missed out. Sadly these things occasionally happen with complicated old beasts like steam engines. Still, it was great to see it back at the ELR again, even if only for a four days. The diesel diagram on Days 3 & 4 were handled by D832 'Onslaught'.


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