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Sunday 18th of August 2019 saw me back over at the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire for the annual Bus Running Day, which was now in its 6th year. This year just one route was in use, and this ran from the Thwaite Mills Museum via the Middleton railway and on to the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills via the city centre. This seemed to work quite well, and with a 10 minute service it was easy to get around and without any long waits in between buses. The weather stayed fine, but was a bit breezy at times, and a good selection of buses were on display and in action.

Hard to believe that 6 years have passed since the event started, and that I've actually managed to get to all six of them, in spite of all the usual rail problems that affect my ability to get there. Will I make it there again next year for number seven, we shall see, I do enjoy my visits to Thwaite Mills and its Classic Car Show, and if I hadn't decided to go any get some shots of a radio and TV station this time, I could also have had a few shots of the Armley Mills steam loco which was also running that day as well. My thanks to all the owners and organisers for putting on the event.


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