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Sunday 4th of August 2019 saw the annual Open Day at the Rawtenstall Fire Station in the centre of the town. As this is only about a hundred yards or so from the East Lancashire Railway it was very handy to be able to nip backwards and forwards between the venues in between train services. A fine selection of Fire & Rescue vehicles were on display, including pumps from Burnley and Accrington as well as the two Rawtenstall appliances, and these were complimented by a vehicle from the Rossendale & Pendle Mountain Rescue Team and a police van from the local force and a paramedic vehicle from the North West Ambulance Service. As is often the case, there are always lots of interesting demonstrations at these events, and as well as a few cars being chopped up there was also a spectacular demonstration of what happens if you pour water on a chip pan fire, and I wouldn't mind betting that there wasn't a single visitor there who had this message well and truly drummed into them after that - I was at the back but my face really felt the heat from the flashover it caused!

A very enjoyable and well attended day, and it was very photogenic as well. My last visit to an open day there was around 1994, so I think I was well overdue another visit, and it was lucky I saw the banner advertising the event when I walked past the station last Wednesday.


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