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My first non-event visit to the ELR in July 2019 was on Friday 12th, when Standard 4 '80080' was on the service train, and spamcan 'City of Wells' was carrying a driver experience day crew in the spare paths. My second visit was on Friday 19th of July when would you believe it it was actually raining. I was at the end of the platform with the rain bouncing off my head when the steam loco came into view, but would you believe it, as soon as the loco reached the level crossing it stopped - aargghh! The Spamcan 'City of Wells' was the loco in service that day. My next visit was on Sunday 21st, just for a few hours, and 52322 was on the Dining Train, 'City of Wells' was on the steam service, and Teddy Bear 'Ernest' D9531 on the diesel diagram.Another short Friday visit again on the 26th, City of Wells was on the steam service, and D5054, driver by rock star Chris, was hauling the diesel services.

My final visit of the month of July took place on Wednesday 31st, and with the forecast for wet and miserable it looked like my luck might finally be in, though for the two thirds of the time I spent there you wouldn't have thought so, as it seemed to be an irritating pattern of fine and dry whenever a train appeared, and a deluge and cloudburst whenever there wasn't one around (I've included a few of the 'cloudburst' shots so you can see what a frustrating time I was having!). After the third time I decided that desperate action was called for, so trotted off to the nearby river to make a votive offering to the weather Gods (I know, I watch far too much Time Team) and to ask for forgiveness for whatever I'd done to upset them, and could we please get back in synch with each other once again. Well I must have done something right as it seemed to work, though I thought it wasn't going to at first when things were fine and dry as the DMU appeared in the distance, but it almost seemed to be pushing a very large rain cloud ahead of it, and I got a right old soaking as it arrived and boy was I happy. Apart from the soaking I got at the Clitheroe 280 bus event this was probably only my third really good wetting, and normally that would be what I'd get in a month never mind 7 months. What a strange year this has been for sure, but at least East Lancashire looked like the soggy old place I know and love, and not the Costa del Sol for change! :-)


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