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It's always nice to go to a new rally, and this was the first one held at the Rebeck Motel and Cafe in Wakefield, which meant a trip over the Pennines into enemy territory for me. The event was organised by those nice folks from the Dewsbury Bus Museum and featured around 35 buses on both static display and doing mystery tours and rides to and from the city centre. It was certainly nice to start my day by being picked up outside the Westgate Railway Station by the lovely Leyland Tiger EHL 344, and there was also a very entertaining ride around the area on the mystery tour coach as well. This collection of images shows the story of my day at the event and some of the buses operating through the city centre.

All in all a very enjoyable day out and I do hope that this becomes a regular event, I'm sure the cafe owners were very pleased with the turnout. My thanks to all the organisers, bus owners and volunteers for their efforts in making this a grand day out.


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