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The GYPG (Great Yorkshire Preservation Group) is a new organisation and this was their very first event under that name. The Running day was to commemorate the last day of service by Preston Bus on the 280 route from Preston-Clitheroe-Skipton, but it was announced at the last minute that Stagecoach would continue to run services on it from Monday 17th of June. Not that such news was going to spoil the fun, so as well as service buses there were also a number of preserved buses running on the section of the route between Skipton and Clitheroe at regular intervals throughout the day. Buses taking part included: N600 ABC, R337 ROO, Pennine D15, WYPTE 8534, Headingham L208 and Morecambe 73. I had seen some of these buses before, but there were a number of them that I was seeing for the first time which is always very nice.

Initially I had planned to catch the X43 Witch Way service to Skipton as I usually do for the annual Skipton Running Days, but it's a long trip and I've done it many times before, so this time I took the bus to Accrington and then caught the train to Clitheroe Station, which is right next door to where the buses were running from. This meant that I could make the 90 minute round trip to Skipton and back without travelling over the same routes I would normally have to use anyway. In a year which has been notable for its very unusual lack of rain in these parts, in mid-afternoon as we were heading back to Clitheroe, the skies darkened and the heavens opened, and I got my first proper Windypics style drenching of the year which really made my day - well I wouldn't be much of a Crap Weather Photographer if I didn't make the most of such a deluge now would I? :-)

All in all a very enjoyable day out and I'd like to say a big thank you to the organisers and bus owners/drivers, your efforts were greatly appreciated, and I look forward to attending some more of your events in the future. I don't think the GYPG have a website yet, but Facebook users can find them on there if they search for their name.


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