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I had planned to visit the ELR's 1940s event on Day 3 which is usually a bit quieter and more to my taste, but thanks to those useless pillocks at Northern Rail screwing up the train service I was planning to catch to a bus event in Morecambe (again) on Sunday 26th of May, I instead had to change my plans, and instead had a ride down to Heywood and back. At least the weather was more to my liking in the morning period, and due to City of Wells having failed the mighty A4 Pacific 'Union of South Africa' was running, and that alone was worth going for. Having been to so many of these events over the years I tend not to photograph everything in sight nowadays (been there, done that before), and this time actually spent a little more time just watching and enjoying the events. Still, if I have a camera in my hand photos will be taken, and this gallery shows a few of the ones taken which will hopefully give you a flavour of my day out. I'll admit that I'd rather have been at the bus event, but as last minute substitutes go this was not a bad one at all and I had an enjoyable day there.

My thanks to all the staff, volunteers and re-enactors who always put so much effort into these events and make them such a success. Judging by the crowds there this is definitely a major Bank Holiday event in the north west.


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