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  • windypics - Monday 7 October 2019 22:25Reply
    @ Colin Smith : If he's still there the next time I go up I'll rearrange his arms! :happy:
  • Colin Smith - Monday 7 October 2019 22:08Reply
    Without being rude, the one in the uniform looks as though he just escaped from Madam Tussaud's
  • windypics - Wednesday 25 September 2019 17:53Reply
    @ colinsmith : Tesco have just announced that they're closing this failure of a store on October 20th, and reopening it as a proper Tesco again in November - it will be interesting to see if this also means a return to Tesco trolleys in the river once more.
  • windypics - Friday 20 September 2019 23:47Reply
    @ Colin Smith : Those lads are good, they weren't even using a drawing. I should point out that it's not to keep me dry (perish the thought), but rather the drinkers outside the Buffer Stops Pub. I'm wondering if they're going to carry it to the other end of the platform, or stick it on a flat-bed when they bring the crane up?
  • Colin Smith - Friday 20 September 2019 21:23Reply
    :perplexe:H! Giant "Mecanno" set.
  • windypics - Wednesday 18 September 2019 23:25Reply
    @ Colin Smith : LOL - 30 years ago I did do it down a cliff face in Wales and I was shaking so much it registered on the Richter Scale, wild horses would never get me to do anything like that again! :happy:
  • Colin Smith - Wednesday 18 September 2019 23:07Reply
    @ windypics : Maybe thirty or so years ago I might have had a go but I'd be sure to be wearing brown trousers.
  • windypics - Wednesday 18 September 2019 23:02Reply
    @ Colin Smith : It's a lovely spot, they did ask me if I fancied doing the charity abseil down the clock tower, but I told them that this spot was more than high enough for me, though I'm sure you would get some great shots from up there (probably of me screaming all the way down!).
  • windypics - Wednesday 18 September 2019 22:58Reply
    @ Colin Smith : Part of the Town Hall tour took us out on to the balcony, usually you have to be Gracie Fields or a promotion winning sports team to get out there, so it was really nice to get a chance to take some shots from that location. It would have been a nice spot to be when the cycle race passed in front the day after. I'd never even noticed that they had a few gargoyles up there before, though they do have a few falcons living at the top of the clock tower, and even a webcam online watching what they're up to (dropping bits of dead pigeon on passers by usually).
  • windypics - Wednesday 18 September 2019 22:53Reply
    @ Colin Smith : Boyle Street Bus Museum's latest newsletter showed a shot of one of the buses on a Thornton's lowloader outside of the depot, looks like they've got a rolling programme of refurbishments going on now. It does look much more colourful than the 'barbie' livery, and this was the very first single decker of theirs that I'd seen that had been re-painted (unusual to see many single deckers on this route these days). The insides looked like they'd been given the treatment as well, the re-done double-decker I travelled on recently looked quite smart, and the lady driver looked like an air hostess in her very smart new uniform. :sourire: