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  • windypics - Tuesday 15 January 2019 22:06Reply
    @ Colin Smith : Tesco are supposed to have something similar, so I assume that whoever is doing this is carrying them across the road, which would require at least two people I would think. Mind you, one morning during last summer there was an Asda trolley sat on top of a bus shelter full of traffic cones, and that would have taken some lifting, and it was over a mile from the nearest Asda store at that (sadly it had been removed before I could walk back and get a shot of it). These people are either clever, cunning or just very strong when they've had a few drinks I think! :sourire: I don't think B&M, Aldi and Lidl have any sort of locking systems though, at least I haven't seen any, and as they have barely enough staff to man their checkouts as it is they probably don't have the staff to spare for fishing expeditions. I will check for sure the next time I'm up there. :wink:
  • Colin Smith - Tuesday 15 January 2019 21:52Reply
    I too am sick of the way louts treat the environment but thought I would share an idea and this seems to be the appropriate photo.

    Our local "Asda" store make a charge, refundable after use,for each of their trollies. They also have locks on one front wheel that is automatically activated by a circuit buried near the perimeter of the car park. Whilst some people try getting around this most give up trying whilst still stuck with a trolley that is going nowhere other than the edge of the car park. In the main it seems to work and the number we see around home, half a mile from the store, has reduced from dozens per year to perhaps one or two.
  • windypics - Wednesday 9 January 2019 23:17Reply
    @ Colin Smith : Would you believe I'm Teetotal! I was trying to work out just how much they'd taken over the holiday period with all those empties. Funnily enough, I was thinking that I should take a picture of the local branch of Greggs the next time I'm up there though, as my daily supply of pasties would probably look something like that! :happy:
  • Colin Smith - Wednesday 9 January 2019 23:03Reply
    Your supplies for the day I presume? :rotfl:
  • windypics - Saturday 5 January 2019 22:20Reply
    @ Colin Smith : Ha, ha, that's true, I think they might be what the Scousers used to call 'Mersey Trouts'. Interestingly enough though, Tesco were fined 8 million pounds for polluting the river and killing all the fish in it back in 2014: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/tesco-fined-8m-after-polluting-13192979
  • Colin Smith - Saturday 5 January 2019 20:54Reply
    Naughty boy Alan. If they follow your final suggestion they could be accused of poluting the river.
  • windypics - Tuesday 20 November 2018 21:49Reply
    @ Colin Smith : @ Colin Smith : Very true! :sourire: I forgot to mention that it was at Heywood Station, so it's lucky it still has all of its wheels, though it does look like someone might have nicked the boiler out of it. The Flying Wheely Bin! :happy:
  • Colin Smith - Tuesday 20 November 2018 21:24Reply
    It also appears to have shrunk somewhat. Perhaps left out in the crap weather too long?
  • windypics - Thursday 13 September 2018 18:56Reply
    @ Stefan : The perfect combination! :sourire:
  • Stefan - Thursday 13 September 2018 18:23Reply
    Fully equipped!