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  • windypics - Thursday 22 October 2020 23:13
    It certainly is, I even made a 5 second appearance in the final episode, but if you didn't know me and blinked you would miss me (thankfully!) :smile:
  • Colin Smith - Thursday 22 October 2020 21:56
    Really enjoyable series too.
  • windypics - Wednesday 7 October 2020 22:17
    I'm sure you're right. Usually there is just a pair of Alpacas in there, I thought maybe they'd brought the Geese in to stop the local scrotes from trying to nick them if they start believing all that stuff about Llama spit curing Covid! :smile: It did seem like an odd time of the year to introduce them though, unless they're hoping for a good crop of goose eggs during the next lockdown, and one for the pot come Christmas that is?
  • windypics - Wednesday 7 October 2020 22:08
    Probably both, I must own up to having one of those lovely Cheese & Onion pies right after the train departed! :smile:
  • Colin Smith - Wednesday 7 October 2020 21:54
    They're domesticated geese so my guess is they were put there by the farmer. Wild geese tend to be grey(ish) brown in colour.
  • Colin Smith - Wednesday 7 October 2020 21:52
    Would that be the pies or the loco?
  • windypics - Thursday 1 October 2020 23:05
    Ha Ha, yes very painful, I have made myself endure it so far because the railway needed the visitors that the sunshine brings out, but I've warned them all that enough is enough and I am resuming the rain dances again as of this week! :smile:
  • Colin Smith - Thursday 1 October 2020 21:10
    Great pictures Alan. Just one question, was it painful turning out in sunshine? :cool:
  • windypics - Friday 22 May 2020 22:16
    There is one that looks like the 'Green Man', and some very strange ones such as a pair of feet and a heart on a plaque, and the letters 'THC' which had me chuckling and wondering if the masons were trying to tell us something. Probably the most notorious is the 'Dog and Maiden', and people come from miles around to see that one as it's considered to be a bit naughty. The Church was built to replace an older one in 1850, though following a devastating fire back in 1984 the main part of the church was totally rebuilt again as a much smaller one, and a lot of the other old Gargoyles seem to have vanished after that. There were quite a few that I can remember which are no longer there, but I found a website with a photo on it, you can just about see just how many carvings it had, the place was covered in them. I don't think any of the other local churches have such a wide range of carvings, it's an unusual one for sure, and very lucky not to have been demolished after the fire. Nearly all of the gutters had Gargoyles on them, and many of the wall panels were covered in pieces of flint, most of which has now gone (probably due to local kids prising them out). I would love a visit up that bell tower one day: https://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Rochdale/Whitworth/stbartholomew/index.html
  • Colin Smith - Friday 22 May 2020 21:50
    Hi Alan,
    I only asked because some of the carvings I described as weird actually remind me of Pagan carvings that I've seen elsewhere. I know from having had them pointed out to me that there are some very strange, for a church that is, carvings inside Chester Cathedral. But they are more rude than weird.