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  • windypics - Friday 22 May 2020 22:16
    There is one that looks like the 'Green Man', and some very strange ones such as a pair of feet and a heart on a plaque, and the letters 'THC' which had me chuckling and wondering if the masons were trying to tell us something. Probably the most notorious is the 'Dog and Maiden', and people come from miles around to see that one as it's considered to be a bit naughty. The Church was built to replace an older one in 1850, though following a devastating fire back in 1984 the main part of the church was totally rebuilt again as a much smaller one, and a lot of the other old Gargoyles seem to have vanished after that. There were quite a few that I can remember which are no longer there, but I found a website with a photo on it, you can just about see just how many carvings it had, the place was covered in them. I don't think any of the other local churches have such a wide range of carvings, it's an unusual one for sure, and very lucky not to have been demolished after the fire. Nearly all of the gutters had Gargoyles on them, and many of the wall panels were covered in pieces of flint, most of which has now gone (probably due to local kids prising them out). I would love a visit up that bell tower one day: https://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Rochdale/Whitworth/stbartholomew/index.html
  • Colin Smith - Friday 22 May 2020 21:50
    Hi Alan,
    I only asked because some of the carvings I described as weird actually remind me of Pagan carvings that I've seen elsewhere. I know from having had them pointed out to me that there are some very strange, for a church that is, carvings inside Chester Cathedral. But they are more rude than weird.
  • windypics - Friday 22 May 2020 21:18
    That's a good question, I'd heard that the masons tended to make it up as they went along, but there is a book in the local museum about the history of the place and as soon as it opens up again I will check and see what it says about them. Mind you, Whitworth has always been a weird place, the famous local Whitworth Doctors had a special medicine called the 'Whitworth Mixture', which was still on sale at the local chemists up to around 20 years ago, I saw the recipe for this and I'm not surprised it was banned, it was about 80% Metholated Spirits. Possibly these guys had been taking a few drops of the stuff just for inspiration. This particular carving reminds me of a certain episode from Doctor Who! :smile:
  • Colin Smith - Friday 22 May 2020 15:58
    Some very weird carvings for a church building in those grotesques. I wonder where the inspiration came from.
  • windypics - Wednesday 18 March 2020 15:40
    I just gave it a little tickle, which is probably why it only rained for about 5 minutes, but I'll give it a harder rub next time and ask for a deluge (or maybe even for Greggs to move their shop a bit closer to the station)! :smile:
  • Colin Smith - Tuesday 17 March 2020 21:48
    Did you rub the can? I only ask because by the looks of the next picture your wish was granted.
  • windypics - Thursday 12 March 2020 17:33
    Pity they don't still issue Green Shield Stamps at petrol stations, they'd have had enough to buy a new Frigate with them by the end of the year! :biggrin:
  • windypics - Thursday 12 March 2020 17:24
    I just got my hands on a recent copy of 'Rail' magazine with an article about these, it appears there are three versions, the Nova 1 which is Class 802/2, the Nova 2 which is Class 397 and the Nova 3 which is the one I saw which had the Class 68/Mk 5As. It also said that in December there were just two of these running on the Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street route and they would eventually run between Manchester Airport and Middlesborough as well. The Nova 1s seem to be running between Liverpool and Newcastle and the Nova 2s from the north west to Edinburgh and Glasgow. It appears that a software issue had been delaying the rollout of the rest of the new fleet. I really must start checking the numbers! :smile: The article also mentions the one I saw and says that the strange number of 12811 refers to it being a 'Driving Trailer', and interestingly the Class 68s are leased from DRS. It looks like it's just the Nova 1s that are the bi-mode variety. I just read that back and my brain is now hurting, pity they didn't give them all different names just for clarity! :biggrin:
  • Colin Smith - Tuesday 10 March 2020 21:33
    Nah| you'd have a hell of a job getting it under the canopy at most filling stations. The bank manager would suffer apoplexy at the price and your arms would have dropped off, from fatigue connected with holding the hose, long before you could see fuel in the filler neck.
  • Colin Smith - Tuesday 10 March 2020 21:27
    I can truly understand the mistake Alan. It is even more confusing when you realise that the electric version of this loco is "Class 88." I'm far from certain but think the "88" may be bi-mode. My recollection when TPE ordered the "68s" was; Why not 88s so that they can operate off electricity when travelling under the wires? It may have been to do with the tractive effort of each.