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Hello and welcome to the Windypics Photogallery. My name is Alan and I'm located in northern England and what could be probably be described as a 'Crap Weather Photographer' - note# that's 'Crap Weather' Photographer, and not crap 'Weather Photographer' - or at least I hope not!:-) I do like taking pictures in what can best be described as 'atmospheric' weather, so if you see someone standing out in the pouring rain at a heritage railway or a bus event somewhere it might well be me. If 'sunny 3/4 shots' are your thing this is probably the wrong site to visit, as I prefer to make 'photo documentaries' of my boring life and my occasional days out irrespective of what the weather and conditions are like. To quote the art critic John Ruskin: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather!"

To view the latest updates to the site just click on the yellow links, which include some shots of the effects of 'Storm Ciara as it hits Rossendale', plus my latest collection of images taken during my visit to 'Day One of the ELR Winter Diesel Gala 2020' on Friday 7th of February, and 'Various non-event visits to the ELR in February 2020', the 'DRS Class 20 Farewell Railtour' at Leeds on Saturday 18th of January 2020, 'Various non-event visits to the East Lancashire Railway in January 2020', plus recent visits to see the 'The West Riding - LNER HST Farewell Railtour' at Leeds, plus the 'Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Santa Specials' on Saturday 21st of December 2019. Also shots from the 'Northern Belle Dining Train' passing through Rochdale Station on Thursday 19th of December 2019, the 'West Coast Railways Santa Special Railtour' at Blackburn on Sunday 15th of December, the 'Over the Pennines to Manchester Railtour', and also the 'Pennine Moors Christmas Explorer Railtour', plus a collection of images of the 'ELR Santa & Mince Pie Specials and Festive Diners in 2019', the 'ELR Lancashire Weekend 2019' on the 23rd & 24th of November, the 'ELR's Scenic Railcar (DMU) Day' on Saturday 9th of November 2019, and also a trip to see the 'South Yorkshireman Railtour' passing through the area on Sunday 3rd of November 2019, plus the usual 'Non-event visits to the ELR in November 2019'. A number of images of the 'Manchester Victoria Station 175th Anniversary Event' and the 'TRANSPO 50 Event' at the Manchester Museum of Transport' on Sunday 20th of October 2019, plus the 'TRANSPO 50 Cavalcade & Bus Display at the Manchester Cathedral' on Saturday 19th of October 2019. I have also added various shots covering many other subjects to some of my galleries as well, including a photo tribute to my late friend Cliff in the 'So Long Cliffy' gallery, though there are far too many of these to list here, but clicking on the 'Recent Albums' link should bring many of these up.

The best way to view the collections on this site is by clicking on the 'slideshow' icon (a cine camera), which you will find on the upper toolbar in each gallery, and then clicking on the two 'opposing diagonal arrows' at the top right of the screen, this will play a full screen slideshow automatically.

If you would like to register for notifications whenever the site is updated, you can do so by using the 'Register' option in the 'Identification' panel at the top left-hand corner of this page, or alternatively, if you prefer to use 'RSS' then clicking on the 'notifications' link at the bottom-right of the page in the 'Menu' section will give you that option as well. Please note that if you do register you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a number of options, if you would like to receive e-mail notifications whenever the site is updated then be sure to click on the link option marked: "To subscribe, click on...". Please contact me via the contact link (on the left-hand menu) if you have any issues with this, or aren't receiving them.

Also back and now in html format is the essential 'A Guide to Windyspeak' page which gives a lighthearted explanation of some of the strange terms and jargon used on this site. Also, check the bottom of this page for a Piwigo referral code.



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