Hello and welcome to the Windypics Photogallery. I'm located in northern England and I'm what could be probably be described as a 'Crap Weather Photographer' - note# that's 'Crap Weather' Photographer, and not crap 'Weather Photographer' - or at least I hope not!:-) I do like taking pictures in what can best be described as 'atmospheric' weather, so if you see someone standing out in the pouring rain at a heritage railway somewhere it might well be me. If 'sunny 3/4 shots' are your thing this is probably the wrong site to visit, as I much prefer to make 'photo documentaries' of my days out.

The latest updates to the site include some pictures from the annual 'Ellenroad Classic & Vintage Vehicle Show 2017', the 'Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum's May Open Day' in Rochdale, the ELR's 'Sci-Fi on the Tracks' weekend in early April, the 'ELR's 2017 Spring Steam Gala', and some older collections include the 'Santa Specials at the ELR', some shots from Day Two of the 'MTGM's Christmas Cracker Event' and Day Two of the 'Big Orange at the MTGM Event' on October 16th 2016. I have also added various shots to a number of smaller galleries too, but too many to list here, but clicking on the 'Recent Albums' link will bring all of these up.

Also back and now in html format is the essential 'A Guide to Windyspeak' page which gives a lighthearted explanation of some of the strange terms and jargon used on this site.

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather" - John Ruskin.


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