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Considering that I used to be a member of the KWVR and a regular visitor there, it was hard to believe that this was my first visit back there since the August 2014 Diesel Gala. Various health problems and other issues had seriously limited my opportunities for any recent visits, so I was very pleased to finally get a chance to attend Day One of their brand new 'Little Engines Gala' on the 7th of July 2017. With a number of visiting locos plus members of the home fleet, this looked like it might be an interesting event, and it featured some locos that I hadn't seen before, and was keen to get a few shots of. It also gave me an opportunity to see 'Taff Vale' 02 No.85 for the first time since it's overhaul, as I was there on its final run before this back in 2010, and was keen to see what sort of a job they had made of it (I must remember to get around to uploading the images of that here, they were on my old Fotopic site, but I still haven't got around to adding them yet!).

Other locos included were the Beattie Well Tank No30587, L&NWR Coal Tank No.1054, 'Nunlow' No.1704, 08993 'Ashburnham', 08266, D32 'Huskisson', D2511, D0226 'Vulcan', and the visiting loco that I was most interested in seeing (but which unfortunately had a technical problem and wasn't able to run that day) Austerity No.71515 'Mech Navvies'. All in all a very nice line up, and the event seemed to be well attended and quite popular with many other enthusiasts as well. It also gave me an opportunity to visit the 'Rail Story' museum at Ingrow, and also the Vintage Carriges Trust museum, which is also at the site. All in all a very enjoyable day out for what will hopefully become a annual event now. My thanks to all the staff at the railway for putting on the event.

NOTE# - Mech. Navvies may not have been running on the Friday, but it was out the next day, and you can see it in action on this great video by Mollsmyre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxBU8FNQcuU&feature=em-uploademail


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